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R&R Hand-blended Batts

Rows & Roses hand-blended batts are blended right here in-store on my Brother drum carder. All sorts of colors and fibers are blended together to create for you a spinning adventure that you just can't put down!

Batts are suitable for wheel and spindle spinning alike. If you've never tried a batt before, you are in for a treat. Just remember that, like anything new, there may be a learning curve. Stick with it and you'll be so glad you did. Handspun yarns from batts are a whole different thing, and they're amazing!

See descriptions below, as each batt is different.

Summer Sunset: 4oz  Merino, silk

Unicorn: 4oz  Merino, seacell, BFL, silk, Firestar 

Blue Jay: 4oz  Merino, baby alpaca, rose, Firestar

Gothic: 4oz  Merino, baby alpaca, bamboo, silk

Good Luck: 4oz  Merino, bamboo, baby alpaca, silk, locks 

Venom: 1.5oz  Shetland, Merino, baby alpaca, rose, Firestar

Purr-fect: 1.5oz  Merino, bamboo, Sufolk wool, angelina

Safari: 1.5oz  Merino, baby alpaca, rose, Firestar

Nevermore: 1.5oz  Baby alpaca, Merino, silk

Rainforest: 2oz  Baby alpaca, Merino, mohair, Firestar, Wensleydale locks

Adult Swim: 2oz  Merino, shetland wool, baby alpaca, silk, Firestar

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